Since it supports ultrafine processing, accuracy of the highest level can be achieved.
Precise processing technology is a crystal of knowhow that accurately controls the positions of work piece, blades for cutting, and grindstones. Parts used for equipments indispensable for improving the accuracy such as spindle (= main axis) unit, precision ball screws, and indexing chucks, and mother machines (machines tools that create machines) are developed based on the technology cultivated through development and manufacturing of various precise processing grinding machines. The grinding machines of our company including machine tools and FA system respond to the cutting-edge needs of super precision processing such as industrial robots, mechatronics and the latest semiconductor manufacturing equipment etc.

Multi-progression processing of various workpieces is possible with one chucking
Automatic index is possible every 90°(120°) during rotation Many varieties can be processed by replacing the installed claw
Additionally, can also support different angles/processing